All about Java for beginners


The main purpose of this blog is to present a development journey of an open-source java web application called AppointmentScheduler. Most posts in this blog are targeted to beginner/intermediate java developers who are taking their first steps into java web development and are related to feature description or issue solutions of the mentioned project.

When I was beginning my java backend developer career I found it very hard to find some example java projects which are more than simple CRUDs but at the same time not being a huge, old project with 100k+ lines of code which are very complex and require weeks of studying before you understand how they work. I think that AppointmentScheduler is something in-between and is a perfect candidate to serve as a learning example for entry-level java developers. I would like to make you familiar with it so you could see how medium size project in spring boot might be built, what issues you may encounter, and how you can solve them.

In the end, I hope that some of you will feel strong enough to create new pull requests to this project with a new feature or some bug fixes. If I feel that your pull request is interesting enough I will also describe your feature in this blog (with your approval of course).

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via